Social Cpa Academy Review

Social Cpa Academy has been created by Jason Richardson, Stephen Gilbert and Greg Kononenko and has impressive numbers with over $300k in real verified proof, and a list of over 120,000 leads built in 18 months.

What exactly is it?

Social CPA Academy will show, in real time, how they’re able to leverage Facebook ads and CPA with incredible returns and results.
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This is the methods that most serious entrepreneurs are using to build and make a long term revenue on the backend.

This is a complete 12-module video course. They will show you exactly what they do to get insanely cheap clicks, and profit from CPA offers with some unusual new methods also while building huge lists and then drive them to even more offers to bring in more money.

Who is it for?

This is perfect for Newbies wanting to make their first money online, but also for existing CPA marketers looking for new techniques, or anyone who wants to make money using a legitimate and proven system.

The way this training is created it can absolutely take a total newcomer and help them make their first income online in mere days.

It is also for those of course who has been struggling to make money online…

And if you haven’t built a list of their own yet…this is a perfect way to get started , together with my bonus product that covers the listbuilding in depth with 17 watch over my shoulder videos.

This is also the fastest way to get started online for those of you that don’t have a product or special skills, but still want to make money online.


Social CPA Academy is a truly UNIQUE and REVOLUTIONARY course with insane proof and it combines Facebook, list building, CPA with some unique twists and without any need for product creation!

If you’re serious about building a real long term online business with a legitimate method and start to seeing immediate results than this is a very small investment in your business and your self compared to what I have paid to learn all this in the past.

Combined with my bonuspackage about the listbuilding section you are fully covered to be up and running  rapidly fast with a complete real online business.

Social Cpa Academy get my highest recommendations!